How Are Things Going at Work?

Do you know the key elements to be considered in your work life? In this section, we propose that you complete a questionnaire that will help you do this. Your results will enable you to profile your perceptions regarding your career management and identify the key elements you should work on first.

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Is Your Work Life Satisfying?

Your level of satisfaction at work has an impact on the quality of your whole life. The exercises proposed in this section will enable you to identify what is satisfying and unsatisfying at work and your expectations regarding your work situation. Possible development plans will emerge from these exercises.

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Who Are You at Work?

In this section, you will feel emotions, explore your past and your present, and finish by thinking about your work life so you can act with more self- awareness. It will enable you to identify the significant stages in your development, your generic and specific skills, the dominant traits of your personality, and the core values guiding your actions and your future. Lastly, these key elements together will enable you to look at your work life with a fresh perspective.

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How Can You Strike a Balance?

This section will show you that success in your work life is related to the harmonious development of your other personal plans. You will examine the other aspects of your life: family, social, financial, spiritual, personal development, and health. You will then be able to identify what you want to develop first.

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Have You Thought About Your Work Future?

The exercises in this section will allow you to look towards the future and make plans. It’s at this stage in the journey that your goals will start to take shape. You’ll get in touch with your dreams, describe your dream job, and make plans for the future.

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What does your future look like?

Before you go any further with formulating your plans, this section proposes that you check your self-appraisal with your network, while taking into account your work environment (needs, requirements, resources, and constraints). You’ll then be in a better position to see how you can harmonize your plans with your employer’s. You’ll also be able to decide where you want to realize your aspirations.

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What can you do to have a healthy career?

In the last section, you’ll see that your personal and career plans don’t just boil down to a series of objectives. Any plan must have a target to be meaningful. You’ll learn to construct your plans so they can be implemented as you pursue specific, measurable, attainable, positive, and personal goals.

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Career Planning

My Career GPS is a career planning and career reflection guide for employed adults. Just as our workplaces and the work we do change constantly, so do we, as workers, constantly change in terms of our needs, preferences, goals and satisfactions at work. My GPS provides a structured approach to help working adults to:

  • Take stock of your actual work situation and your levels of satisfaction
  • Clarify who you are right now as a worker
  • Assess your life/work balance
  • Identify what is most important for you to achieve in your work
  • Value your work contribution
  • Set some here and now goals to pursue your own personal development as an individual and as a worker

My Career GPS is a journey of self-discovery and reflection. Each section takes time and thought and individuals work at their own pace. There is no recommended time for completing My Career GPS but others have reported that they have completed all seven sections thoughtfully and thoroughly in 10 to 15 hours, preferably spread out over a 4 to 6 week period. Individuals will of course find some sections much more personally relevant than others and will choose to spend more or less time depending on their own needs and realities.

This is an investment in you.


Some comments from individuals who have completed My Career GPS:

  • “I liked the leadership, communication and developing empathy sections – these are all important in the world of work and in my personal life”
  • “This didn’t feel like work; it felt like growth”
  • “I have a full life but I had not taken time for my own reflection”
  • “This looked at things through a creative lens-it opened possibilities”
  • “The process is gentle but doesn’t let you off the hook – you still have to decide”
The Research

My Career GPS was developed as one part of a three year research project funded by HRSDC and titled: “Meeting Workplace Skills Needs: The Career Development Contribution”. The impacts of the program on employed adults were measured. Positive impacts included increased self-esteem, quality of managing work life, ability to manage one’s own career and sense of being able to influence one’s own career future. These changes persisted three and six months after completion of the program.

There have not been many career development programs aimed at working adults. My Career GPS is filling a need for many adults to take time out for themselves throughout their careers. It is a self-directed program that is simple, promising, inexpensive and accessible. My Career GPS supports the importance of lifelong learning and strongly reinforces that our careers are not only what we do in the work place; our careers are how we choose to live our lives.